Viva Mexico, Caprones!!!

The Church on the Zocalo, the central place of Mexico City
The center of Mexico City, right where I started my trip.

Parc de Chapultepec
Parc de Chapultepec , a large green but also crowded area in Mexico City

Welcome to Quecholac!
"Welcome to Quecholac!"

Ornamented arches of a church in Quecholac
These are the arches at the entrance of a church in Quecholac, that we helped to restore.

And what is even more important than the hard restoration work? Siesta!

The Mexico-Connection
This is the core of my workcamp crew, we sit on a ceremonial altar of the Aztecs in Cholula.

Using the special Quecholac Workcamp Taxi :)
This is just before our fastest ride on the back of a police pickup ever! The driver tried to prevent us from the rain...

Fantastic view from the top of Monte Alban above Oaxaca!
Here I'm standing on the pyramid site of Monte Alban, a mountain near Oaxaca. I could enjoy a great view all around towards the mountain ranges and the city!

I just had to take a picture of the nice 'Bocios', this is one in Oaxaca.
I really like them! 'Bocios' are everywhere in Mexico, and I thought this is a really typical one :)

When I saw this, I thought I had discovered the paradise! A wonderful small bay near Puerto Escondido (Pacific Coast)

Last station of my trip: I went to Teotihuacan, really impressive pyramids!

So much for now...